Example how you can successfully launch Admin under OS/2

Many thanks to Domingos dos Santos Rocha
What I have: OS/2 Warp4, FP12, the complete IBM's Java118 package w/ latest refreshes, MySQL/2 3.22.19b and, of course, the Admin package.

What I did:

1- put mysql.jar, admin.jar and calendarbean.jar in
c:\javaapps directory

2- put all files but gifs from basic.zip in
c:\javaapps\mysqladmin directory

3- put all gifs from basic.zip in
c:\javaapps\mysqladmin\images directory

4- have (already) classes.zip in
c:\java11\libs directory

5- have (already) swingall.jar in
c:\java11\swing directory

6- launched Admin with toadmin.cmd from



set CLASSPATH=c:\javaapps\admin.jar;c:\javaapps\mysql.jar;c:\javaapps\calendarbean.jar;c:\java11\lib\classes.zip;c:\java11\swing\swingall.jar;%CLASS_SAVE%

java -Dadmin.work=c:\javaapps -Dadmin.image=c:\javaapps\mysqladmin\images gpl.fredy.admin.Admin

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