In the beginnings of Java I had my first look at this exciting product. So I decided to learn more about Java. As beeing a developer for data-base-applications and generator in my former life it was a short decision to use a database related case for learning Java. So I started at the end of 1995 the development of a tool to manipulate mySQL-Datatabase.
As JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) supports a lot of functions around metadata, it was a good starting point for learning Java. When Swing came out the GUI-capabilities of Java got much more functionalities. So I choosed Swing as the GUI-representation of my new tool.
The first steps with Java where pretty hard for a procedural software developper I was of about then years, but thanks to the help of some friends I got my first impression of how object oriented programming probably looks like and was able to implement the first function. To really get on speed I did not choose a 'Hello World' thing, I directly jumped into the development of the 'Guided-Query'-class. While doing so, I had to learn how Java handels Meta-Data and how these layout-managers works to create my first Swing-GUI. While time was passing by, Admin got more and more functions and thanks to the JDBC-concept it was able to support other databases. Today I did some tests with mySQL, PostgreSQL, InstantDB, HypersonicSQL and Oracle, partwise it also works with Access. As the intention of the project is to learn about Java I put it under open-source. To publish this tool I became a member of the organization .
Admin is absolutely free for download and use.
Admin offers today the following functions:

All the windows are generated as panels, they are able to run as standalone as well.
Such a tool is a ongoing project, so the plans for the future looks as follows:

Today Admin has been downloaded several thousand times and I got a lot of contacts to the internet-community from allover the world.
I'd be happy if you have a look at the product and to get some response and ideas to make the tool more powerfull.

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