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You may send me mail at

PGP and OpenPGP

You can use my communication keys, either the PGP 2.x (RSA) or the GnuPG (DSA) one:

2048R/3A4B7F5D Key fingerprint = FF 83 89 80 DD FD B2 75  3D 7D 8A 64 02 2F A5 DF
1024D/7584F5D8 Key fingerprint = 63F0 501D 81D8 F47B A707  C02E 7905 768F 7584 F5D8
And I also have a certification only key:
1024D/5AB4606A Key fingerprint = 2AA4 5002 C4A4 A8FC 031D  E9B3 A479 CDC4 5AB4 606A
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