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What is Spong-Bot

This bot always notifies you about the status of your systems. You need an installed and running spong. Depending on $interval, it sends color changes to the channels its on. You can also request reports by typing !spong. Since Version 2.0 it also got ANSI colors in its output. Further, it is able to identify itself against a NickServ.

Using Spong-Bot

To run the bot, you need Net::IRC and Proc::Daemon. Further, you have to change the configuration variables. When you're finished with that, just run the bot with "./".


Spong-Bot is available under the same terms as Spong. Currently, this means GNU General Public License or the Perl Artistic License. You may choice, which licence is more appropriate for your use.

Getting Spong

Currently, Spong-Bot version 2.0 is available. It's only a single perl skript.

Older versions are available here.

Bugs, Comments

You may send bug reports, questions or proposals for further features to me.

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